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Archangel 2: Red Colony

(under development)

Archangel 2: Red Colony

Archangel 2: Red Colony is the sequel to Archangel: Martian Orbit.

Currently it is in its first steps to development and it needs your support. In case you are interested in helping us bring this game to life, drop a note. We are going to release material and vital information of its development as we go.

So, stay tuned!

Archangel: Martian Orbit

Archangel: Martian Orbit is an escape room game taking place in a futuristic alternative history setting. In our story-line, the 1960’s cold war race to conquer the space and the moon, escalated quickly leading to advanced technological achievements and an expanded war-front outside the earth’s boundaries.

You can find more info on this game in the official web page.

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Games On Demand

We are creating custom games for your needs. Either it is a promo game, an educational game or anything that comes to your mind, we have you covered!
Let us know of your idea and we will bring it to life. In case you have no clue, have no worries either, our creative forces are by your side too.
Have a look of some other games we made on demand.

Planet Dewey

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Planet Dewey is a hybrid game developed for the “Eugenides Foundation Library“.

This game is used to educate youngsters to the use and purpose of a library. Using riddles that force players to visit the library and know the ins and outs of its organization, this game can be described as a treasure hunt game.



Archaeological Museum of Chania

Archaelogical Museum of Chania hosts a digitized collection of antiquity. Visitors can visit and experience those antiquities through their PCs.

Youngsters on the other hand need some more entertaining and intriguing process so they get in contact with those historical artifacts. Thus, we created 3 games for the entertainment of the museum visitors, youngsters and adults alike.

One can play those games here

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CANEPAL is a project to explore and promote pastoral life in Europe. Culture and art inspired from our ancestors daily life and struggle to survive is promoted through this exhibition.

Our game provides a virtual mean to visit the exhibition and learn about all this through an entertaining purpose and process.

Visit the CANEPAL project here